Welcome to Wild Woman

You just got a little bit wilder!

Welcome to the Wild Woman Network!

What would it look like to become wild, to become front and center in your own life? 

I know how it looks for me: I am living a life that I love, that is deeply aligned with my values. I am modeling an aligned, empowered life for my daughter. I know that I am worthy and that what I do and how I do it matters. And I am having fun! I want that for all women.

When I work with women on becoming wild, there are six foundational pillars that we cover:

Conditioning - who wrote the social contract that we have inherited? Where would you like to break free?

Worth - what is really valuable in your life and in yourself, as opposed to what society tells you is valuable?

Inner Voice - Who is your inner voice? Where did they come from and are they serving you?

Values - When the conditioning falls away, what do you value and how do you live that in the world?

Boundaries - As women we have been taught that our value is in what we give of ourselves. How would you like to reclaim your time, your love and your attention?

Aligned Action - Having become wilder, how would you like to realign your actions in order to live a fulfilled, happy, aligned life?

Why The Wild Woman Network?

The rules that we grew up with are not serving us. 
It’s time for a change.

For much of my life I followed “the rules”.  I studied hard and did well in school, pursued a conventional career, got married, bought property.  Then I reached my mid thirties and realized that I was depressed.  I was going to bed in the afternoons to just “get through it”.  

Soon afterwards I began the journey that I now think of as “becoming wild”.

Although so many barriers to “success” for a woman have been removed - constant childbirth, lack of access to education, the need for physical strength, to name a few - the biggest barrier is in our heads. We have seen our mothers and grandmothers “do” womanhood by putting everyone else first, for generation after generation.    To step out from behind the idea of “what a woman is” is the most enormous leap. 

I had been receiving society’s messages loud and clear.  A woman is “meak, mild, the nurturer, the weaker vessel. Our value is in what we give to others." 

What began to awaken in me after those months of depression was a new thought, that I hardly dared to think; 

“What if it were possible to be front and center in my own life?  What would living be like then?”


I was thirty five.  I am now fifty.  Becoming wild is a process. . .

When coaching found me I was thrilled to discover that we are not our thoughts, beliefs, values or behaviors and that we can change every single one of them if they aren’t serving us.  I set about rearranging my model of the world. 

What I am coming to understand is that we do not have to settle for a single attitude or thought in our heads if it is not serving us, serving others or serving the world.  And what are you left with, when you have routed out the thinking of a generations old social structure that is no longer serving you?  Well for me, I am left with “the wild”.  I have become a "wild woman".

The Wild Woman believes that her life has value and meaning and that how she “does life” matters for everyone else.

My wish is for everyone to have the opportunity to live life on their own terms, intentionally, because I know that when you do, the world will get the best part of you and we will all be better off.

About Me

I help clients gain freedom from the past, overcome habits and patterns that block fulfillment in an area of life and take the actions necessary to live the life they have always desired.

I do this through deep coaching and a holistic and integrative approach of coaching towards balance (harmony and wholeness) in all four body systems: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

My journey towards balance, happiness and fulfillment has taken me from England to California, from the single life to motherhood, from the corporate world to working for myself.  Each step took a different set of skills and thought processes and along the way I have learned a great deal.  I'm passionate about supporting people to live their best lives.  I only coach what I have learned, practiced and found effective for helping to empower my clients, and those things are constantly evolving.

Mentoring and coaching people to develop their skills and passions was always my favorite part of corporate life.  I am delighted to be able to expand on this with my life coaching practice. I love deep, transformational coaching.  Seeing someone develop and transform their thinking is a privilege and something that fills me with wonder and happiness.   I myself am certainly far from perfect but I have led an interesting and varied life so far with many different stages and phases - I am in a process of evolution, as we all are.  

I am a Graduate of Awaken Your Life, Accredited Diploma in Coach Training by the Association for Coaching (ACDT) and I am a certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach (Integrative Wellness Academy)